EFFC Rules

General League Setup
Commissioner Email Address:Send Email To Commish
Commissioner Username(s): 
Total Number of Divisions:8
Number of Franchises:96
Number of Roster Spots:22
Head-To-Head Matchups:Yes
Each Player can be on:1 rosters per Division
Track Player Salaries and/or Contracts:No
Abilities Setup
Franchise Abilities:Submit lineups
 Perform Add/Drops
 Drop players without Adding
 Post to message board
 Post to league chat and trash-talk videos
Commissioner Lockout:No, the commissioner has the ability to view pending owner-initiated transactions.
Standings Setup
Standings Sort Criteria #1:Overall Winning Percentage
Standings Sort Criteria #2:Total Points Scored
Division/Conference Setup
Divisions:Gangs of NY, Gladiator, Pulp Fiction, A Few Good men, Tombstone, Oldboy, The Goonies, Monthy Python
Accounting Setup
General Scoring Setup
Calculate Fantasy Results From:Week 1 through Week 16
Number of Decimal Places For League Scoring:2
Ties Are:Counted as ties
Starting Lineup Setup
Total Starters:7-10
Number of Starting QBs:1-2
Number of Starting RBs:2-5
Number of Starting WRs:3-6
Number of Starting TEs:1-4
Lineup Submission Deadline:Players Are Locked At Kickoff Of Their Game
Are Partial Lineups Allowed?NO
Hide starting lineups from all owners until:Kickoff of each individual player’s game.
Should owners be allowed to submit players on bye as starters?Yes
Roster Position Limits Setup
Other League Settings
Display NFL Player Injury Status? 
Display Top Performers/Player Stats Report? 
Display Rosters Report?Yes
Display NFL Opponent’s Passing/Rushing Rank On Submit Lineup Page?Yes
Display NFL News Articles? 
Display NFL Free Agents on Fantasy Free Agent Lists?No
Display NFL Rookies With (R) Next To Name?No
Time Zone:ET
Display “Aquired” Column on Rosters Report? 
Are league reports private?No
Is league home page private?No
Draft Setup
Draft Pick Time Limit Turned:On and set to 9:00 hours
Add/Drop and Waivers Setup
Add/Drop System:Blind Bid Requests For Locked Players, First Come/First Serve For Rest
Waivers Processed Automatically:Yes
Waivers Are Processed On:
Check the League Calendar for additional waiver events.
Wed at 1 PM ET
Dropped Players are Locked Until:Players are not locked when dropped. They can be immediately picked up (subject to league’s waiver rules)
Prevent Owners From Making ANY Add/Drops Between Kickoff of that player’s game and the end of the last game of the week?Yes
Blind Bidding Waivers Setup
Maximum Amount Each Owner Can Spend During The Season On Blind Bid Waivers:$100.00
All Blind Bids Must Be In Increments Of:$1.00
Minimum Blind Bid Amount:$0.00
Amount charged to blind bidding balance for each player acquired via FCFS waivers:$0.00
Are Conditional Blind Bids Allowed?No
Do Winning Blind Bid Waiver Amounts Get Charged To An Owner’s Accounting Report As “Real” Dollars?No
Blind Bidding Ties Are Broken By:Earliest Submitted Bid Wins
Additional League Rules Setup


The #EFFC, European Fantasy Football Championship, was founded in 2019 by Joergen Walch and Peter Gent. Peter is currently in charge of the event, but has lots of great helpers in the background which you’ll all get to know.

The spirit of the EFFC is based on the Scott Fish Bowl. We want to unite the European Fantasy Football community and get the europeans in touch with players all around the world. That’s why everyone from everywhere is welcome. This is an event to make friends all over the world while playing our hobby.

We also want to raise money for charity. As a group we can do so many good things to help others who struggle. The main focus is children in need. They need our support as adults, parents and humans to have the best life they can. Too many times they get insulted psychalogicaly or physically or just need a helping hand because the family is in need. They are innocent and deserve all the help they can get.

Basic Rules

  • 288 Teams
  • 24 leagues (divisions) of 12 teams
  • 3 conferences
  • 22 round slow draft.
  • Start: 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR 1 TE, 3 Flex (can flex 1 QB) – (10 Total)
  • Bench: 12 players
  • No Kickers or Defenses
  • No Trading Allowed
  • Waivers: $100 Blind Bidding


  • Please check league < rules < scoring 


  • If you don’t get your first pick in, you’ll get replaced no matter what. We want to keep a good feeling throughout the contest and a timeout in the first round is a huge momentum killer.
  • If you miss setting your lineup twice, you won’t advance to the playoffs, even when you qualified.

Accidental Drop / Lineup Move / Picks

  • Accidental Drop: you must contact your commish within a reasonable amount of time to reverse it should someone else pick that player up. Obvious accidents will be fixed. You can’t let a clearly stud player get dropped and then added to a new team. It seriously alters the integrity of the league.
  • Accidental Lineup move: you must contact a commish within a reasonable amount of time to reverse it and the mistake must be somewhat obvious to me.
  • Accidental picks: you must contact a commish immediately. Preferably no other picks made, if too many are made, I won’t be able to revert.

Waiver Moves

  • Waivers will run Wednesday at 1PM EST.
  • After 1PM EST Wed. It will be First Come, Firse Serve until kickoff of each player’s game.

Waiver Moves Once Eliminated

  • If your team has been eliminated from playing in all brackets, you are not allowed to make waiver moves.

Setting Lineups

  • If an owner doesn`t set a lineup for week 1 before kickoff on Sunday you won’t be able to compete in the playoffs.
  • If you have not set a lineup by Thursday morning at 6 AM EST, the Fantasy Sharks lineup setter will use their projections to set your lineup.

Team Ownership

  • You’re the one invited to the #EFFC, so it’s your team. Please don’t give it to someone else.
  • This year we will require a minimum donation of 10€ to participate.


The #EFFC will always be for charity, preferably for kids in need. They are innocent and need our protection from all the evils in the world. This years winner will be able to choose with the #EFFC team the charity for next year.

Since everyone is suffering during the pandemic we want to help kids and families that are struggling with mental health. That’s why we chose these organizations. We could have done others but these are the ones we selected.


Home page

Teléfono de Ayuda a Niños y Adolescentes



Bob Gilchrist and Stephen Johnson helped again with all the graphics for the league. Here’s a charity organization that we support on their behalf.

Homepage V2

This years goal is to raise € 5000. That’s a huge goal but when we stick together, we can do it.

Here’s the link to our money pool